Cocoweb Enigmatic Combination Self Coiling Bike Security Cable Lock

Cocoweb Enigmatic Combination Self Coiling Bike Security Cable Lock

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Product Description

For compact bike security on-the-go, you can't beat the value of Cocoweb's Enigmatic Combination Bike Lock! This braided-steel bicycle lock secures your bike under both a standard key lock and a combination lock, a dual safety system that's sure to keep your ride secure.

Unquestionable Security
The Enigmatic Lock is fitted two locking mechanisms that ensure maximum safety: this bike lock functions as a simple padlock with two duplicate keys as well as a user-customizable combination lock with a four-digit PIN, making sure that you'll always have security on your side. In addition, these locks feature an anti-corrosion coating that makes sure they'll never rust shut, making sure you can always lock and unlock your bike with the greatest of ease.

Compact Convenience
To double up on its value, the Enigmatic Lock was crafted with convenient transportation in mind. The coiled designed allows you take over 6 feet of cord in a neat package that's under 6 inches in diameter. In addition, a fully adjustable mounting clip allows direct attachment right onto your bike's frame at four separate angles, but the cord's PVC scratch-resistant plastic coating ensures that your ride will stay in pristine condition. Convenience is never in question with the safety and security of the Enigmatic Combination Bike Lock!


  • Dual Lock: Choose a unique 4-digit security code from out of 10,000 possibilities, with included keyed option for unlocking
  • Coiled Design: Carry almost 6 feet of protection in one neat package!
  • Braided Steel Construction: Keeps your bike safe with the strength of steel
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating: Prevents damage to your bike with its soft PVC plastic coat
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: Clips onto your bike's frame in any of 4 adjustable positions

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