Saddle Bag/Bike Bag | Straps to Your Seat with EASE | MEDIUM Size Bicycle Bag with 2 Straps to Conveniently Store Your Accessories | Will Fit a Spare Tube, CO2 & Multi Tool EASILY + Room to Spare!

Saddle Bag Small Plus | Bike Bag for Bicycle Accessories and Tools | Quick Install Due To 2 Individual Clips | Check Sizing | Main Compartment Fitted with Zip Extension | Pre Ride Checklist Included

Saddle Bag Small Plus | Bike Bag for Bicycle Accessories and Tools | Quick Install Due To 2 Individual Clips | Check Sizing | Main Compartment Fitted with Zip Extension | Pre Ride Checklist Included Rating:
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Product Description

Attention All Long Distance Cyclists!

You're Using The WRONG Bike Accessories Bag!

What if you didn't have to struggle to get your saddle bag on? If all you had to do was clip it in and go? AND it had more room to store stuff, staying clear of your legs while you pedal?

You're in luck because we've got exactly that.

At Cyclist Goods we think it's important that a bike bag is made in a way that will make it easier to fit the essentials you need while you're out riding, whenever you need them. No exceptions!

Since your seat bag is the thing carrying your collection of super important bike tools - yes, those same tools that will prevent you from having to call up your spouse to come pick you up mid-ride because of a flat tire... It's ESSENTIAL that you get the right one to fit your needs.

Why Is Our Bike Seat Bag Great?

We spent a full year tweaking our bike seat pack to ensure its' versatility, ease of use and style. Trying to incorporate the features other bicycle saddle bags seemed to lack was our #1 goal. Made of polyester material, the highlights of this bag include:
- Dual Strap Design: Easy to Install & Take Off! (It takes me avg. 30 seconds)
- Extendable Bottom Compartment: Extra Space Incase You Need It!
- Multi-Pocket Interior: Stay Organized & Make Sure Things Stay Separate!
- High-End Safety Features: Riding in Low Light? We've Got you Covered!
- Flat Bottom & Flexible (adaptable) Sidewalls: Allowing You to Fit Large & Awkwardly Shaped Bike Accessories.
- Sleek, Stylish Design: This bag looks great on ANY bike style or color.

Dimensions: 3.5 Inches WIDE, 4.2 Inches TALL & 7.5 Inches LONG

We are committed to providing FIRST CLASS customer service. We're not happy until YOU ARE. Hassle-Free RETURNS & REFUNDS.

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  • DIMENSIONS: 4.5 Inches (Width), 4.2 Inches (Height with Extension Closed), 5.7 Inches (Height With Extension Open) & 7.5 Inches (Length) - Volume: 35 U.S. Fluid Ounces. "The Sidekick" by Cyclist Goods is a compact bike seat bag that utilizes a flat bottom, loose sidewalls & an extendable bottom compartment to easily fit a spare inner tube, tire lever, co2 canister & cycling multitool.
  • Set Up is a SNAP! - With our simple Dual Strap Design, fumbling and juggling saddle bags are a thing of the past. Forget the frustration and simply narrow your focus to clipping in one strap at a time. Now you can take your new-found peace and serenity out with you on your ride.
  • What's Our SECRET? - This bike bag is equipped with a secret zippered extension along the bottom of the bag that quickly & easily expands, providing 5 Fluid Ounces of extra storage space. Your cycling friend doesn't have enough room for extra snacks? That's okay, you DO! Maybe you get a flat tire? Not a problem because you had the space to pack a spare tube! The bottom line... with this saddle bag sitting right below you, you're ahead of the game- ready for the unexpected.
  • Check Sizing BEFORE Purchase! - We believe in helping our customers make EDUCATED purchase. This bag will not fit ALL bikes! To ensure your highest satisfaction, simply measure how much free space you have below your seat (please view "Minimum Required Space" Image on your left) to ensure proper fit. The purpose for this bag is to carry your cycling accessories and most cellphones. This bag is NOT for carrying water bottles, bike pumps or anything that exceeds the dimensions of this bag.
  • TODAY'S SPECIAL: 10% OFF Using The Promo Code "10PERCG1" at Checkout. FREE Bonus Included. Ensure you're leaving home with everything you need, working in tip-top shape with: "The 21 Step Pre-Ride Checklist" by Cyclist Goods. We take pride in using high quality materials & strengthened stitching to ensure our bags are long lasting and stylish. Designed to compliment any bike style & color "The Sidekick" by Cyclist Goods is the first step towards being a prepared cycling.

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